Cats and Dogs Love a Head Scratch

Editorials News | Jun-24-2017

Cats and Dogs Love a Head Scratch

Cats and dogs are filled with joy when they receive a good head scratch. Dr. Nicholas Dodman, a professor emeritus at the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University said that patting a cat or a dog at head provides animal attention. The patting is something which they crave for.

The head area is the region where they can’t reach with their paws or tongues. Dodman said when people scratch their heads, and then in a way people are doing a favor to them. Cats see a head scratch as “Personalized grooming service provided by owner” or “feel owner as their mom”. Cats have scent glands throughout their body. So, while rubbing their heads, they release and spread their scents.

Dogs are not as socialized as cats are. Some dogs do not love getting patted on their heads. They may find it as a dominating gesture. Most of the dogs love to have a head and an ear scratch. It’s a symbol of attention and affection to them.


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