Data Security And Data Privacy: What Is The Difference?

Editorials News | May-22-2021

Data Security And Data Privacy: What Is The Difference?

With everything digitalizing, we need more data security and data privacy. But people often misinterpret these terms and take them as one meaning. But there is a stark difference between these two terms. So, now let’s first discuss what data security is?

Data security means that you have access to your data whether your data is in the cloud or your laptop. It assures you that other than you or the company does not have access to your personal data with authorization or your permission.

Now, what is Data Privacy?
Data privacy or we can say information privacy deals with security issues related to our personal information, storage of our personal data, handling of our data, and access to our personal data. This deals with every issue or concern related to the privacy and rights of an individual.

Now, let’s discuss what are the concerns related to Data Privacy and Data Security:-

Data Security:-

Activity Monitoring: - Monitoring activity means that any activity in your data or the place your data is stored is monitored constantly. And unknown activity or invasion should be dealt with immediately.
Security of Network: - the Network that you use like WIFI should be secured and should be from a reliable source. Otherwise breaching into your system or cloud and getting all your personal data is not a hard thing.
Access Control: - In terms of data security, you need to ensure that who has control of your data, is you or someone else? Or you gave your password to someone else? You need to ensure that.
Encryption: - As online privacy and security is getting very thin and more and more computers are getting hacked daily. So getting your data encrypted is the best assurance as to the new and best safety harness.

Data Privacy:-

Invasion of a Third-Party: - Generally, our information is only accessible to us and the company. If our private information comes into the hands of a third person or gets hacked by someone then it means our data is not safe and our data privacy is breached.
General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR: - There are certain rules and regulations set by the government in favor of the protection of our privacy. And GDPR ensures that any person getting someone's personal information by any illegal means is to be accountable for his/her actions and is punishable.
Managing Contract and Policies: - This means the recording of your contact data or personal data by company or organization. Our data privacy is important but stills many company stores and tracks our information for business purposes.

By: Shreya Jain