Does Technology Play a Role in Making People Feel more Isolated?

Editorials News | Jan-11-2023

Does Technology Play a Role in Making People Feel more Isolated?

TECHNOLOGY performs an essential position in every man or woman's existence. From one facet of the be aware we will say that generation allows human beings in numerous streams. It offers scope to many unemployed human beings if in any respect they can have primary know-how approximately generation. But from the alternative facet of the be aware generation makes human beings sense remoted due to the use of generation. Yes, generation molds the thoughts of human beings from one facet to the alternative facet.

Nowadays, anyone has their very own android which now no longer handiest connects human beings but additionally causes them to be removed from the world. This is due to the fact as soon as we were given connected to it, it turns down our thoughts. It could be depicted that it controls our moves and brings distinction in lifestyle. Technology harms our social skills. We now no longer bodily engage with our peers. We decide on social media interaction, Instagram likes makes us sense the superior, generation, now no longer withinside the simple shape of social media however additionally the shape of games, etc. are tearing us apart.

Technology has high-quality effects on our existence that we can't deny however the terrible effects are there as well. Hence, we will say that generation is sort of a double-edged sword. Advanced technology has modified our existence sample and now it has created greater social distance. Feeling remoted or on my own isn't simply one terrible effect of generation.

By : Yogesh
Anand School for Excellence