Empowering Women Through Entrepreneurship

A part of the empowerment of women in India is to make them financially independent which can occur via various sources. Alongside stamp duty concession on registration of property, property tax rebate, lower interest rate, and credit subsidy on purchase of a house, the government has also launched schemes to make women business owners.

Alike ‘mudra yojana’ for small enterprises there are special schemes made for women entrepreneurs, they are as follows-

1. Bharatiya Mahila Bank

Initial capital was rs. 1000 cr. And has 103 branches
Provides collateral-free loan up to 1cr
Provides 0.25 concession on loans
Promotes asset ownership among women
The main objective was to empower women economically

2. Annapurna scheme

Provides loan up to rs. 50,000 to women in the catering business
After the sanction of loan, EMI is not to be paid for the 1st month
The loan is to be repaid within 3 years
Interest rate is determined by either the bank or the market

3. Stree Shakti scheme (launched by SBI bank)

It is found for the upliftment of women below the poverty line
It promotes saving activities for women
They provide 6% subsidy for the bank loans
It forms groups mostly consisting of Anganwadi workers
The group with the most savings is provided the incentive

4. Cent Kalyani Scheme (launched by the Central Bank of India)

Provides loan for self-employed and micro-business owner women
Loans up to 1cr are provided with 20%margin rate
No collateral security or guarantors are required in the sanction of this loan
The return is valid for 7 years with a moratorium of 1year and 6 months

5. Dena Shakti Scheme (launched by Dena bank)

Grants loans up to rs.20 lakh to micro businesswomen
Provide 0.25% concession in interest rate
Repayment tenure can stretch up to rs.10 lakh
As per research, women who own assets are less likely to fall prey to domestic violence therefore the government is trying to empower women economically. Equality in a democratic country like India should run in every aspect including the economy. Women are a significant part of the total country GDP and to increase that part even more schemes like the above mentioned are taken into consideration.

The most targeted group is the women below the poverty line, and they are provided plans and schemes to start their savings and earn more. With these schemes and open mindset in action, women will be leading the India GDP soon.

By: Kanak Kotnala

School: Gaurs International School

Class: 12th

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