Endangered To Extinct

Editorials News | Apr-03-2021

Endangered To Extinct

Among many other fatal extremities caused by human beings, there is animal endangerment. It is no surprise that human beings have time and again caused many destructions to nature and created an imbalance in the ecosystem. And endangered animals lie in that very category. Many exotic and beautiful animals, birds, and mammal species became endangered in the last decade, and will soon become extinct if no action is taken to prevent it.

Orangutans, Tasmanian devil, Gorillas, Snow leopards, Giant pandas, and Asian elephants are among the top endangered species in the world. All these creatures have great significance to our ecosystem and balanced functioning of the environment, but sadly, they are on the verge of extinction. For years, humans have hunted animals for leisure and to make products out of their body parts, even to decorate their house with animal skin or heads. Moreover, the disruption caused to nature by humans has forced these animals out of their homes and led them to death.

These beautiful creatures can still be saved if civilians start
practicing a few good habits. Avoiding buying goods made from animal skin and avoiding real leather and fur can make a huge difference. Many grand fashion companies earn thousands of dollars by selling products made from real animal parts. People not only buy but also enjoy that fashion. If people vow to avoid buying these products, their production will be terminated. That will not only bring endangered species out of danger but will also prevent other creatures from getting endangered.

People can adopt a few habits like recycling and buying sustainable
products as well as avoiding plastic in daily life. These small measures can create a huge positive impact on the environment. Humans fail to realize that the survival of animals is not only a fight for right or wrong, but it is also a part of the ecosystem. Every life has a specific role in the world. And if humans keep eliminating their fellow life forms one by one, it can create massive destruction in the foundation of the existence of every organism in the world.

The time when our future generation would get to see tigers and pandas, just books and pictures is not far. If human beings continue to walk down the same path, they might achieve satisfaction in the short term, but in the long run, they will have to face the consequences.

By- Simran Raghav