Giraffe Named April Delivered a Male Calf

At New York’s zoo, April the Giraffe gave birth to a male calf. Animal lovers used to visit a virtual worldwide waiting room to see the whole process. The delivery was seen by more than a million online viewers.

The zoo is located in Harpursville which is a village about 209 kilometers northwest of New York City. The Giraffe is 15 years old and delivered baby before 10 AM EDT in a bounded pen at zoo. The calf tried to stand on its shaky legs after 45 minutes of its birth. Mother Giraffe also helped calf to stand firmly on ground.

The event was streamed on Adventure Park’s Youtube and at least 1.2 million people watched it. Jordan Patch is the owner of Animal Adventure Park. He said that both mother giraffe and calf are in a fine condition. The father Giraffe named Oliver who is 5 years old watched the event from an adjacent pen.



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