Hair – Raising T.Rex Was Not Usain Bolt Rather a Plodder

Scientists have discovered in their new study that T.Rex was not a sprinter. It was rather a plodder as if T.Rex had tried to sprint then its huge size and weight may have broken its legs. The ability of its running has been widely debated among palaeontologists for decades. It was derived from a general agreement out from previous biomechanical models that the Cretaceous-era carnivore could manage speeds of up to 45 mph (75 kmh).

An engineering technique called multi body dynamic analysis was used by researchers. It was coupled with machine learning to produce an accurate simulation of T.Rex walk and biomechanics. Professor William Sellers from the university’s School of Earth and Environmental Sciences said that the muscles of T.Rex need to generate sufficient power to allow high-speed motion. He also added that at the same time the structure has to be able to cope with the loads generated by the high speed motion. The researchers concluded from their findings that T.Rex was bounded to walking speeds of about 5 meters/sec.

By: Bhavna Sharma

Content: Hindustan Times

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