Hatchlings of Olive Ridley Turtles Ready for Sea Journey

Gahirmatha beach on Odisha’s coast welcomed nearly 2 lakh baby Olive Ridley turtles. Such a great number of hatchlings have provided relief to conservationists. The hatchlings broke out of their eggshells without their mothers. This phenomenon brings with it the annual visit of turtles on the side of Odisha coast. Gahirmatha beach becomes the world’s largest nesting ground for turtles.

The view of hatchlings coming out of their eggs is a delight to the eyes of wildlife lovers. Their movement towards seaward journey elates them. Baby turtles swarms over the Nasi – 2 Island. Babies could be seen struggling on land to get space before they jump into seawater. The witnesses to this process were the officials of Bhitarkanika National Park. The babies coming out of shells will continue for a week. 

Content: timesofindia.indiatimes.com


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