How Learning Apps Are Helping Students?

Editorials News | Apr-06-2022

How Learning Apps Are Helping Students?

Learning apps are technology-based study tools that enable information sharing. They’re a great tool for students who can’t access physical classes. It’s this technology that has helped promote education. Some ways by which learning apps are helping students are:

1. Saves Time: As learning, apps can easily be accessed using a smartphone or a tablet; traveling time is saved. At the same time, unlimited learning materials available can simply be downloaded with a click.

2. Practical Learning Experience: Learning apps can help a student analyze the concept practically using methods like graphical representation etc. It can help make them curious about the topic and provide the material to explore accordingly.

3. Cost-Effective: Educational learning apps are cost-effective and offer different payment options to the students as per their requirements.

4. Parent-Teacher Communication: Such learning apps make it easy for teachers and parents to view their kids’ progress through automated reports and graphs. Also, the teachers can help resolve the parents’ queries without making a huge space in their schedules using mobile phones.

5. Personalized Learning: All students have their own strong and weak points. Learning apps can help personalize a concept based on the student’s progress, focusing on his or her weakness and helping improve it.

Thus, the digitalization of education or learning can be a huge advantage for everyone. Some learning apps famous in India are Byju’s, Vedantu, Merination, Toppr, and Unacademy.

By : Toshani Mehra
Delhi Public School Greater Noida