Impact Of The COVID-19 Pandemic On The Environment

Editorials News | Dec-04-2023

Impact Of The COVID-19 Pandemic On The Environment

The coronavirus lockdown around the world has affected every one of us in one way or the other and has made us think about how important nature is to our lives. Some of the improvements in nature in recent times have given us confidence that the earth can be saved.

During this pandemic and lockdown, we have seen that our actions can very well affect the stability of the Earth. Protection of green trees to breathe pure air, and the sighting of extinct wildlife in various cities are some of the important environmental changes that we have seen during the Coronavirus lockdown in India.

Before the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the air around us was considered very poisonous to breathe because of the amount of greenhouse gases emitted over the centuries. The earth faced rising temperatures, causing glaciers to melt and sea levels to rise.

Environmental degradation has rapidly occurred over the years due to the severe impact of resources such as air, water, and soil, but after the coronavirus lockdown, there have been some positive changes in the environment.

Quality of Air:
After lockdowns were imposed in many countries, there was a drastic reduction in people traveling. Whether it's from your cars or trains and flights. Even industries were closed down. This led to a significant decline in air pollution.
The air quality was greatly damaged due to poisonous gases and a variety of chemicals emanating from factories, but the air quality has shown a significant improvement during lockdown, as nitrous oxide emissions declined significantly.
Quality of Water:

There are many sources of water in India that human uses. The Ganga river, considered to be the holiest in India, was smelly and dirty before the lockdown, but in the present days, its water has become potable. The Ganga became pure again.

Talking about foreign countries, we can see that the water in Venice lakes has become so clean that we can see fish floating in it. The closure of water transport modes has greatly helped in cleaning the waterways. The dream of the ocean has also become visible now.

Impact On Wildlife:
As far as fish is concerned with wildlife, lockdown has seen a decline in fishing. Many marine organisms have also benefited from the near end of the fishing trade.

Moreover, animals have been seen roaming freely in places where they did not even dare to go earlier. Now they can be seen roaming freely. Even sea turtles have been seen returning to areas where they avoided having their eggs, all this has been possible only because of a lack of human intervention.

Effect On Vegetation:
Plants are growing better due to clean air and water and because no human intervention has taken place so far. At a time, Everything has become new. Plants are getting a chance to thrive, grow, and produce more coverage and oxygen.

By: Nihal Rathour

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