Importance Of Art, Craft and Design

Editorials News | Jun-05-2018

Importance Of Art, Craft And Design

Education is not all about reading books and learning academic subjects. Real education is about learning new things from different sources and using the knowledge to improve creativity. There are activities that enhance a student’s creativity. Art craft and design is one such activity that boosts creativity among children.

Though many schools provide craft and design classes, students often take them for granted without knowing their importance. Art and craft activities are not only fun and interactive but also aid in learning and remembering new things.

Why Craft Is Important?

Art, in general, creates the zeal among students to learn about colors, shapes, sizes textures. When exposed to craft and design activities at a young age, it provides them an early and fun way to begin their numeracy development.

Art and Craft also develop listening skills in children as they listen to their teacher and try to understand the guidelines provided by them. It also helps improve a student’s vocabulary and use of grammatical words.

With the help of Art and crafts, children learn to express themselves using their imagination. When a child is provided with the freedom to explore their ideas, they come up with the most creative plan. It also allows them to experiment with various materials and invent new ideologies to achieve an outcome that stands out.

Art not only develops a child mentally but also physically. Activities like cutting, holding a brush, etc., are basic things that are essential in growing a child’s motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It also aids in developing dexterity and agility in children. Further, craft learning helps improve artistic skills among students.

Learning craft opens up several career opportunities for students. They can pursue careers like Fashion Designing, Art directing, graphic designing, and many others. Art and Craft build self-confidence in taking on future tasks and encourage problem-solving as a trait in children.

Among the social benefits of learning art crafts and design, regular practice at home improves parent-child bonding. And the sense of achievement after finishing a craft item boosts a child’s self-confidence.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is extracurricular activities like making crafts and design are essential for improving intelligence, creativity, visual learning, and other cognitive skills.