iPhones of the Future

iPhones have always been full of surprises. There may be around 40 amazing innovations that are likely to be seen in the future iPhones. Some of these are:

(i) Lithium Air Batteries- These has far higher lifetimes as compared to the lithium-ion equivalents.

(ii) Motion Charging- The principle of motion charging uses kinetic energy from the movements of the user to charge the battery.

(iii) Solar Power- Sunpartner Technologies has developed a lightweight skin/case that wraps around a mobile device and collects energy from light that falls on it.

(iv) Solar Clothing- It refers to smart fibres' that create clothing that collects solar energy and recharges devices whenever needed.

(v) Recycling a phone's wasted energy- The energy emitted by the phone is recaptured in the form of radio waves and then fed back into the battery.

(vi) Self-healing battery tech- These batteries contain magnetised particles that pull themselves back together after being disintegrated.

(vii) Super capacitor batteries- These batteries charge in seconds and last for a week.

(viii) All-solid-state Lithium-ion battery cells- It uses glass electrolyte instead of liquid solution. It is estimated that some or all of these features will be soon seen in the future iPhones.

By: Anuja Arora

Content: https://www.macworld.co.uk/feature/iphone/iphone-2019-beyond-3665250/




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