Is Green Tea Good for One’s Health?

Editorials News | Feb-05-2021

Is Green Tea Good for One’s Health?

Green tea is actually one of the best medicine for one's health. This is because it contains a great number of antioxidants which is the main reason behind its benefits. No doubt it tastes horrible but the benefits attached to it are worth troubling your taste buds. Though there are different types of green tea with different flavors, the simple one is quite strong to taste. 

The benefits of Green tea are many which include weight loss, fights cancer, reduces inflammation, decreases depression and anxiety, reduce the risk of high blood pressure, improves skin texture, etc. 

The problem of weight is common in the adolescence period, if adolescents develop this habit of taking green teacup daily, it will help them a lot to maintain their ideal body figure and also they will feel relaxed and fresh.

The problem of blood pressure, anxiety, wrinkles, tooth decay, etc are faced more by adults, if they too start taking green tea instead of milk tea, then it will help them a lot.

This all discussion shows how important the value green tea holds in any age group, it will surely act as a miracle drink if taken empty stomach in the morning. Green tea also helps to clean/ detox the whole body in the morning, which will keep you refreshed throughout your day, and the problem of constipation, pimples will be reduced.

It has so many benefits that if we start's a long one! So in short, go and have your green tea! And see the change yourself!

By: Prachi Sachdev

Birla Balika Vidyapeeth, Pilani