Is There Life on Mars?

Researchers at the University of Arkansas got a step closer in finding out the answer to this question.

Recent studies have shown that life on Mars might be a possibility, but in the form of ancient, simple organisms called Methanogen. Scientists had earlier detected the presence of Methane (a by-product) in the Martian atmosphere. This led them to not completely deny the presence of methanogens there. They say that these microorganisms are tough enough to survive the harsh conditions found near the surface of Mars.

Scientists say that, if life can exist in the extreme environments on earth then there may be a similar possibility on Mars too. Another reason for this concept of methane on Mars being exceptionally exciting is that, on earth most of the methane is of biological origin, which may be there on Mars.

According to the scientists, the presence of the Martian methane may suggest possibility of life on Mars. As methanogens are anaerobic and non-photosynthetic, they can exist in the subsurface.

With new updates in this field always coming in, the search for possibility of life on Mars continues.




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