Let’s Find Out the Mystery of Songbirds' Secret Breeding Grounds

Usually known as a small New World warbler, Myrtle warblers, breed across Canada and the eastern United States. However, they breed during winter in two distinct groups -- one along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts, another along the US Pacific Coast.

These small birds-groups are also one of the few breeds of eastern warbler that have been able to expand their range into the far northwest of the continent.

A group of scientists, along with UBC undergraduate student Julian Heavyside, and UBC professor Darren Irwin, did a study to find out the places where these bird groups breed. With the help of amazing isotope signatures, the scientists tried to find out the mystery. The scientists stated that the isotope signature will help them to pinpoint the breeding places of these small singing groups. As per the scientists, they have match stable hydrogen isotopes in feathers collected in Vancouver to latitudinal isotope records in rainwater. This process will help them to determine where the feathers were actually developed and grown.

By: Priyanka Negi

Content: www.sciencedaily.com



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