Life at A Standstill COVID-19

Life at A Standstill COVID-19

Coronavirus or Covoid-19 are the most heard words in today’s life. It has affected day to day life and is slowing down the global economy. This pandemic has affected thousands of people in numerous i.e., physically, mentally, socially, and economically.
It is a new viral disease affecting humans for the first time. Vaccines are not yet available. Thus, the emphasis is on taking extensive precautions such as maintaining hygiene protocols, social distancing, and wearing masks, and so on.
It is the stark reality coming before us that COVID-19 has changed over. The new normal or the unplanned, gradual or sudden, change is inevitable. Over the past few months, we started living differently. Masks and gloves have become mandatory in public places.
Forming big queues is prohibited and advised to maintain social distancing. We have changed our perspective on public transport. The government had closed educational institutions; digital or online classes are held for students. Our education system has completely shifted from traditional to digital mode of education. Online classes, Video conferencing, and learning notes via podcasts is a new trend of today’s world.
We could say that we are experiencing a drastic change by working from home. Social media and the Internet has become our new friend in this pandemic. People of our country are adapting to a new system and terming this situation as a ‘New Normal’.
To maintain good health and better immunity, people have stopped attending concerts, plays, markets, movies, festivals, museums, or any other crowded place but hopefully, they can return soon. Well, you may not know who is infected or not. So, it is advisable to stay at home.
In today’s world, our life has completely changed from traditional to digital. The way we dine-out, used to meet our loved ones has become a difficult task. Social gatherings have morphed. There was a digital audience in the Indian Premier League.
Though our life has become a little slow and becomes boring, our honourable prime minister, Narendra Damodardas Modi played a vital role and gave us some fun tasks. Those tasks had boosted up our energy level and hence brought a positive approach in our surroundings. It will stay in our heart till all this gets over.
Till the time being, we can only hope for better surroundings by continuing to maintain social distancing, good health, and hygiene by using sanitizers, and masks. We all are together in this.

By Sakshi Bhardwaj

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