Mannequin Challenge Created Buzz Everywhere!

The Mannequin Challenge was once a widespread event trending everywhere on social media. It is a viral Internet video where people were supposed to remain frozen in action. They just have to behave like mannequins while a moving camera is shooting or filming them.

The song which runs behind them as background is “Black Beatles” by Rae Sremmurd. The hashtag that was used on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram was #MannequinChallenge. It is strongly believed that the challenge was started by Dr. Dre in Kush’s music video in 2010. The very initial posts consist of inspirational works by other groups like professional athletes and sports teams. They posted increasingly complex and vivid videos. Various news outlets made comparison of these videos to bullet time scenes from science fiction films like The Matrix. X – Men: Days of Future Past, X – Men: Apocalypse, Lost in Space or Buffalo’66. The appearance of ordinary people in a scene from normal life by movement-suppressed actors came out in 2015 music video for Alessia Cara’s song “Here”.

By: Bhavna Sharma

Content: Wikipedia


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