Momo Travelogues

People travel places and so do their food culture. Thus goes the story of ‘Momo’.  Though Momo has its origin in Tibet and Nepal, it slowly moved along with the people.

Momo is a South-Asian dumpling which is said to be of Tibetan and Nepalese origin and the name itself has been derived from the Newar community of Nepal. The Newars were basically travelling merchants and along with their wares the momo followed them wherever they went. From its home to various places of the Indian sub-continent. Today in India, ‘Momos’ are as ubiquitous as the ‘Chai’.

Let us talk about New Delhi - a seat of politics, power and money, a city, which is home of the pampered young in their fancy cars, designers dresses also happens to be home of the Nepalis or the Tibetian lads who left their homes in the mountains in search of livelihood. There is no link between these people who belong to different ends of the spectrum but for ‘Momo’. It is the love for these tasty steaming dumplings that bring these people from the ends of the spectrum together, one savoring it, the other dishing it out for them.

It doesn’t end here; there is yet a political connection to this humble-looking dumpling. The unrest in Tibet, the smoldering Gorkhaland, the raise of Maoist in Nepal had forced the makers of ‘Momo’, both the Tibetans and the Nepalese to move from the comforts of their homes in search of opportunities in bigger Indian cities and the ‘momo’ followed suit.


By: Madhuchanda Saxena



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