New Device That Can Measure Super Tiny Motion

The scientists have developed a new device that can calculate the motion of super-tiny particles. The idea behind creating this device is to calculate the moving parts on the scale of nanometer or billionths of meters, stated the scientists. To solve the problem the scientists have developed these new airbags that can detect enormously weak sound waves traveling through thin films.

The scientists have explained that this device is proficient in measuring the motion of super-tiny particles traversing distances. In fact the device can calculate particles-shorter than the diameter of a hydrogen atom, or less than one-millionth the width of a human hair. As per the developers this device is capable enough to scale motion of the tiny parts with unparalleled accuracy. However, the scientists have prepared a method to mass produce the highly responsive measuring tool.

The researchers calculated subatomic-scale movement in a gold tiny particle. They used a small air gap, about 15 nanometers in width, between the gold nano-particle and a gold sheet to complete their research. The researchers also claimed that the gap, which they have created, is so small that even a laser light cannot go through it.

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