Red List Alert! Population of Giraffes is at High Risk

A team of scientists led by Rachel Martin from the International Union for Conservation of Nature have observed the decreasing population of giraffes. The scientists have found that the increasing habitats of humans have largely affected the number of Giraffes. As a result of humans spreading out into new areas, the habitat for the giraffe in Africa is declining, stated the scientists.

For the study, the scientists from the International Union for Conservation of Nature collected the data. The compiled data have shown that the giraffes are on the verge of becoming extinct. The scientists have stated that the giraffe population in Africa has fallen by 40 percent over the last couple of decades.  Additionally, it is been frightening that there are only 100,000 giraffes are left in Africa.

Moreover, three decades ago, there were 155,000 giraffes in Africa and probably 100 to 200 years ago there was probably at least a million giraffe, said the analysts.

Content Source: Hindustan Times

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