Role of Hitler in Germany

Editorials News | Aug-01-2022

Role of Hitler in Germany

The period of 1930-1945 was a period of intense tension for the world and especially for Germany because a single human turned history and changed the destiny of the whole globe. He is none other than the tyrant who orchestrated one of the largest genocide in human history, Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler rises to power at the end of the First World War. Because of the successful Allied Advance in 1918, Germany realized that the War was not in their hands and hence, they agreed on a Treaty ending the fighting. As the Imperial Legislative Government collapsed in Germany the civil unrest and workers went on strike across the country. Feared and Alarmed by a Communist Revolution major parties joined to suppress the uprisings thus, establishing the "Parliamentary Weimar Republic".

Adolf Hitler grew up against this background and he was an aspirant and revolutionary who was very upset and dissatisfied with the imposed "Peace Treaty", losing over a tenth of its territory, demilitarizing Germany's army, and especially angered by the condition put by Allies to Germany to take the full responsibility of the war and pay reparations debilitating it's already weakened economy. As a nationalist, Hitler considered all this to be a very big humiliation and believe that they could win the war if the army had not been betrayed by the politicians and protesters. And these views became an obsession for Hitler and his bigotry and paranoid delusions led him to pin the blame on the Jews.

Hitler was initially the person responsible for communication during the War as an informer in the army and later became the leader of the Nazi party through a journey of struggles. Hitler's words found resonance in a society with many anti-semitic people and by this time hundreds of thousands of Jews had integrated into the German society. Hitler was such an incredible influencer who took people with his words and moved people with the magic of his words.

By : Parth Aggarwal
S. D. Public School