Roman Coins Found In Japan

The researchers from Gangoji Institute for research of Cultural Property, Japan have found ten rusty Roman coins underneath a castle in Japan. According to the researchers, these ten discs belong to the medieval time. The mysterious discovery of these coins has been discovered last month, stated the scientists. Currently, the scientists are trying to find out how did the coins arrive to half a world away to an isolated castle in Kyoto.

The researchers have analyzed that these copper discs may have brought by people for decoration purposes via china or southern Asia. According to the archeologist, Hiroki Miyagi, from the Japan these coins were recognized by him.

The researcher added that one out of six coins belongs to the Ottoman Empire. However other five are still being examined, said the researcher. One of the coins carries a figure of fourth-century tyrant Constantine I. On the other hand another coin represents a warrior, said the researchers.

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