Say A Big No To Bullying

Editorials News | Apr-19-2021

Say A Big No To Bullying

We live in a world where creating trouble in another human’s life is considered cool. Going out of the way to insult a person and make their lives hell is known as Bullying. Children from an early habit of bullying their classmates to impress everyone else and seem tough and cool among their peers.

This problem has been in motion for the longest time. Parents ignore their children’s habits of mocking and insulting others, which gives them the validation to bully. Sometimes they even learn this behavior from their siblings or parents who bully people themselves.

Their self-confidence is shattered, and they become vulnerable to even express their feelings. They are unable to share their problems with others and are left to deal with them alone. This can have a major psychological effect on their mind and health. What bullies don’t realize is that their actions at a young age can destroy a person’s entire life. Even after they realize their mistakes in the future, it doesn’t make any change because the child who was bullied grew up to be extremely self-conscious, full of inferiority, and struggling to share his/her emotions.

Schools and institutions should have some kind of policies regarding this practice. It should be forbidden and whoever is found practicing it should be made to understand its heinous effects on someone’s life. Teachers and parents are the two main elements that can mold a child’s personality. They can create bright, kind, and good human beings. As well as the power to create cold, mean and unsympathetic humans. It’s up to them how they want to nurture a child. Their basic duty is to let the children know about the dangers of bullying and make sure to put an end to it whenever encountered.

They should also teach their children to report the issue of bullying to the authorities. But they should be taught about the importance of sharing their feelings and problems.

All in all, adults should be aware of their surroundings and whether or not their children are creating or facing any problems. They should make them feel comfortable to share. And take measures to prevent bullying.

By- Simran Raghav