Should Reading Literature Be Made Compulsory?

Editorials News | Feb-06-2021

Should Reading Literature Be Made Compulsory?

There are many reasons that yes it should be made compulsory to read literature in your learning time. The main reason is that literature includes everything from our history to current affairs. Literature actually makes it easy for students to learn about society, about other human beings, and their life in a story-type way. This way it is registered in our mind better than simply going through facts and dates. 

Also, literature is a diverse subject itself should be taught to all students irrespective of their streams like science, commerce, or humanities. Every individual who lives on this earth holds some responsibility towards society and humankind. For fulfilling this responsibility, it is important to first understand it thoroughly and then only we will be able to understand the world around us.

According to my, if literature is not read by students, their emotions will not be developed fully, they might even start acting like robots. As already mentioned, literature introduces us to society and if our introduction is not strong enough, it will be difficult for us to understand other people's problems.

There are mostly two options through which we learn, either by experience or by reading about it. A single person cannot go through all the harsh and happy experiences in his or her life. So how he/she will learn? Here comes the importance of literature, it becomes our source of experiencing the world through the words of others. And also, understanding others, it also helps us to prepare ourselves for huddles or opportunities coming on our way through someone else's experiences.

By: Prachi Sachdev

Birla Balika Vidyapeeth, Pilani