The Best Apps for Students in 2020


The year 2020 had proved to be a big revolution not only for the elder generation but also for the younger generation of the world that is, the students. The whole format of studies, as well as communication, has changed which had created a lot of trouble for students in their studies. Most of the students in beginning have faced problem in mostly three sections namely online classes, scanning documents and communication with teachers and friends.

But in this modern world of technology, there are solutions for each problem. The technology is also providing an answer to all of the above problems. There are a lot of applications to tackle the problems associated with these sections. Some of the best apps for students in the year 2020 are:-

  • SECTION 1- Online Studies

1)    ZOOM – In this era of online studies, ‘Zoom’ has proved to be the best app for carrying the task of classes. It provides a good platform for students as well as for teachers to teach the students by online classes.

2)    GOOGLE MEET - Another app which is helping a lot of school in taking their online classes and webinars is by a very renowned company that is, ‘Google’. The app is named as ‘Google Meet’. It helped teachers and various people to perform their task virtually.

3)    OTHER - Microsoft Teams, Skype, Jio Meet, Discord etc.

  • SECTION 2- Scanning Documents

1)    CAMSCANNER – CamScanner is a very useful and efficient app for scanning various documents and converting them into PDF format. It not only solved the trouble of students but also of elder people. Though it is banned now it helped a large number of people in India before it got banned. It is also helping people globally to scan their documents.

2)    MICROSOFT LENS & ADOBE SCANNER - Both Microsoft Lens and Adobe Scanner are very good apps for scanning and then converting documents/images into the user’s preferred format. These are helping people globally and making their tasks easier.

3)    OTHER - TapScanner, Fast Scan, Google Drive, Clear Scan etc.

  • SECTION 3- Communication

1)    Whatsapp - WhatsApp is a very common and used word in this generation. Each individual whether a student or a grownup has WhatsApp installed in their devices. Not only in this year but in past years also WhatsApp helped a large population across the globe in communication. It helped thousands of teachers and students in establishing communication with each other. It is owned by a very popular company, FaceBook.

2)    TELEGRAM - Telegram is another highly used chatting app. It can be used free by teachers & students and can be accessed from anywhere.

3)    OTHER – Hike, NEEO, Jio Chat, Hangouts etc.


  • All these advanced apps are helping students to continue with their studies and not lack behind.
  •  But besides all this, there are a lot of talented students who are not able to take advantage of this and are leaving behind because of their family background and financial condition. The students who belong to a not well do family and can’t afford the devices and therefore, a lot of students are lagging behind and their one whole year got wasted.
  •  So, although there is a disadvantage of these apps for poor people these apps proved to be the best possible revolution for students in helping to maintain social distancing as well as continue with their studies.  

Parth Aggarwal 

S. D. Public School

Class 8

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