The Final Hour Is Here

Editorials News | Apr-14-2021

The Final Hour Is Here

Let’s ask ourselves a very basic question. What sustains life on Earth? Food, water, our crush, etc. Each answer is correct in its way. But there is only one common thing they all need. Oxygen, our beloved 8th chemical element with a very basic structure but the power to ruin the most complex structures. An adult human can go for 21 days without food, 5 days without water, and only a few minutes without oxygen. Oxygen is the only element for which we don’t pay for. It’s free, it’s abundant, it’s everywhere on earth. Water also holds oxygen.

The funny thing lies in my previous statement where I thought it couldn’t be commercialized. It turns out it is already a multi-million-dollar industry. Go on, search for fresh air cans on google. A start-up that is growing every day. Most of us would be surprised, but the sad truth is the future lies in start-ups like these. With the growing population every day, balancing supply-demand chains, the environment was never an issue. We dump tons of trash in the air, we burn every piece of trash, we are okay with the deteriorating air quality index of the world.

Imagine a world without oxygen. No oxygen means no plants are left, no water is left. Life, as we know it now, is vanished, and this is not that far in the future. "Ignorance is bliss" has changed the course of mankind. Earth has its ways to restore itself. If a 2-month lockdown can fix the ozone layer, then a year without mankind can restore our planet. The importance of oxygen is known to all, but it is still being ignored. According to some researchers, we only have a decade to change the course of mankind, which if not done might lead to our extinction. We, humans, brought this onto ourselves.

Taking care of our planet doesn’t require much. Be a responsible Earthling, use public transport, use fuels which have low carbon producing agents, planting trees should be a habit. Understand the fact that saving the earth is the priority because without it we can’t survive. We can make things right; we can restore our planet to its default settings while keeping our modern upgrades. The earth belongs to all of us. India’s population is the youngest in the world. We can lead the world towards the right path. Every young Indian has the opportunity and capability to bring this change. So, wake up and understand that the world needs a new view now.

By: Akshit Sharma