The Struggle to Make Covid Vaccine

“We are in this together and we will get through this together”

Today globally a new disease is spread all around. The coronavirus has today spread all over the world at a rapid speed. COVID 19 is an airborne disease which means it spreads from person to person through the medium of air around us. We all breathe this air making it riskier to get infected.

However, our scientists are working 24/7 selflessly and tirelessly to get a vaccine for this virus and in order to bring this pandemic to an end. So, in this article, we will see the progress of most of the countries in the making of the vaccine to kill this monster. For mild symptoms people today are taking various ayurvedic medications which are said to help them recover through this virus. These medications are said to be absolutely safe as they are made up of natural herbs. In India, a very known saint Baba Ramdev the owner of the Indian brand Patanjali declared that he has made a medicine Coronil to treat corona. However due to some reasons the medicine was not approved. All 186 nation’s scientists are working towards getting out of this pandemic. In India, in the Patna AIIMS, clinical testing is still going on. In America as well the vaccine is still in process. America is one of the countries which rated the highest number of death rates and a very less recovery rate. Each and every country is indeed struggling a lot to get a vaccine. A vaccine takes a lot of time to get prepared. When it does it goes through clinical testing if it fails that then the entire procedure has to be done again. It’s important to recognize their efforts. We must be their strength by appreciating their hard work.

In conclusion, everyone must hope for the best. If all nations are together then we can be out from this pandemic.



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