Users Will Be Surprised after Using Disney Research’s ‘Magic Bench’

Just sit at Disney Research’s Magic Bench and you will be amazed to experience an elephant handing a glowing orb. You might also experience rain or a little donkey might kick the bench. The ‘Magic Bench’ will allow one to enter into mixed reality and experience something great.

It is not the type that involves user to wear head-mounted display or to use a handheld device. The researchers have made the surroundings instrumental rather than the individual, thus allowing people to share this ‘magical’ experience as a group. A large screen is placed in front of people where seated people can see themselves in a mirrored image. It does not superimpose one video feed onto another. The scenes are built using a depth sensor that allows the participants to actually sit in the same 3D space as a computer – generated character or object.

Moshe Mahler, principal digital artist at Disney Research said that this platform generates a multi – sensory immersive experience in which a group can interact directly with an animated character.

By: Bhavna Sharma