Computer: A Boon or Bane

General News | Sep-24-2020

Computer: A Boon or Bane

When I think of computers I think of the fun video games I get to play on them or the boring online classes I have on them, but I never considered them to be one-sided. Like I never thought of them to be a bane or a boon. According to me, everything is neutral and it is up to us to consider it a boon or a bane. Let’s just take the example of a computer!

We can do so many cool things with them such as play online with friends during this COVID pandemic, talk to friends and relatives on apps such as Skype and zoom. We can also attend online classes and not spoil 1 whole year just sitting at home.

So basically the benefits just keep going! But what about the bane part? Well, let me break your bubble if you think that computers have zero disadvantages. For starters, they are extremely bad for our eyes most of the kids who had the eyesight of 6/6 have now started to wear spectacles due so much screen time during COVID.

A lot of kids of 6-7 years of age have complained of headaches and eye pain all because of the overuse of computers. Kids who keep playing games on the computer are more prone to nerve problems and eye problems in the future. And there sadly many more bad effects of computers, such as the radiation that comes from them and how it harms our body.

So I would like to end with a quote: 

“There is something good in everything bad And Something bad in everything good”

 By Ruchita 

Class: 9th 

Amity International School, Mayur Vihar