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Reasons Why My Father Is My Idol

Reasons Why My Father Is My Idol

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21 Jun, 2020

As soon as we open our eyes, our parents become the first teachers who give us their wholehearted and infinite love and advice to carry us through this life.

While all fathers are amazing in their own way, to me, mine is truly a rock-solid asset of fortitude, resiliency and unbreakable support. I always regard my daddy as a hero(hero) and a role model (role model) other than a father. There are plenty of reasons why my father is my idol.

Father is a person who works really very hard in his life and in every third Sunday of June we celebrate Father’s Day to thank them for the number of things they did for us.

Here are the reasons why my father is my idol:

So, Today I Will Tell You Why My Father Is My Idol.

1. He’s a good disciplinarian

A decent dad cherishes his kids; however, he doesn't let them pull off homicide. He unequivocally dislikes his youngsters' wrongdoings, utilizing real love to demonstrate a point. He does this through the intensity of his words, not his clenched hands. He doesn't compensate his youngsters for activities that are anticipated from them, for example, helping around the house or performing great in school. 

2. He allows his kids to make mistakes

A decent dad understands that his kids are human and that committing errors is a piece of growing up. Going through cash wildly, getting into minor fender benders, and becoming inebriated and wiped out just because, in any event, going on dates with flawed individuals are soul-changing experiences, and a decent dad perceives this. Notwithstanding, he clarifies that rehashed recklessness won't go on without serious consequences. 

3. He's liberal 

A decent dad comprehends that occasions, individuals, and tastes change throughout the years, and he permits his youngsters to move with the occasions and not be stuck from quite a while ago. 

4.  He teaches his children to appreciate things

A decent dad never lets his kids underestimate what they have. From the food on the table to the great instruction he's paying for, a decent dad will make his youngsters see the incentive in all that they have. He'll request that his kid find a new line of work to help pay for a piece of his first vehicle, and set aside the effort to show how significant decent training is. He doesn't let his children treat him like an ATM. 

5. He consents that his kids aren’t exactly like him

Everybody is unique and a dad knows this well. He won't anticipate that his children should carry on with a similar sort of life he does, and do a similar sort of work. He additionally regards their qualities and assessments, as long as they don't hurt the family or any other person. 

6. He spends quality time with his children

A father realizes how to play around with his children as well, taking them out to games, films, going to significant exhibitions and games. He sets aside the effort to tune in to his children and have a decent, simple talk with them. He additionally makes time to assist them with their schoolwork, consistently if essential. 

7. He leads by example

A decent dad doesn't buy into the "do as I state, not as I do" saying. He won't smoke in the event that he doesn't need his children to do it and unquestionably won't drink intensely. He instructs them to manage strife with a relative and with others by being firm yet sensible simultaneously. A decent dad likewise outlines the significance of warmth by showing his adoration for their mom before them. Also, he won't battle with her in their quality. Altogether, he lives by the qualities he needs his kids to follow. 

8. He’s supportive & loyal

In spite of the fact that he might be a football devotee, if his child doesn't share his affection for the game, he acknowledges it. He might be faithful to his place of graduation and fantasy about having his child follow his heritage, yet in the event that his girl likes to concentrate abroad, he'll bolster her choice. He's a security net, the individual his children can go to when things turn out badly. 

9. He challenges his children 

A dad needs his youngsters to be as well as can be expected to be and gives them challenges that help them develop. This implies giving them some freedom to confront misfortunes and resolve clashes all alone. 

10. He shows his kids exercises 

A decent dad shapes his children into a balanced citizenry. He particularly teaches them in legitimate manners, on being straightforward and keeping their assertion, and on being appreciative. An incredible dad realizes he should forfeit his own solace for his caring obligations. For example, on the off chance that he gets back home from a hard day at work and finds his children getting rowdy, he'll set aside the effort to address the circumstance despite the fact that he's worn out. 

11. He secures his family no matter what 

As the primary supplier of security and necessities, a dad will do whatever he can for his family. He'll accept a subsequent position to accommodate them, and he'll risk his own wellbeing to keep them out of damage's way. This is the manner by which a dad ingrains in his kids the significance of disregard for one's own needs. 

12. He shows unconditional love 

This is the best nature of a decent dad. Despite the fact that he gets steamed at his kids' flaws and may regret that they didn't accomplish what he sought after them, a dad cherishes his youngsters no less for it.


13.He is moral, sensitive and honest

My father is a glistening picture of integrity. He had been my example of becoming a true, honest, and moral person, even in the most difficult ones. He kept to his beliefs unflinchingly and this inspires me and also, teaches me to always hold my core beliefs.

14.His Work Ethic

I have a very good career orientation from my father. He was the one who from the beginning insisted on me being careful, having endurance and attracting the pleasure from work. His undying attitude to support the family –he often goes for longer hours, sacrificing his personal time.

15.His tenacity

My father had faced hardship in his life. Anyway, what makes him outstanding is the unshakable courage that he has when he has shown in situations that seems impossible. He showed me that failures can be overcome and sadness only is short-lived. I learnt from his teaching and have always bounced back from trying circumstances with enthusiasm and an optimistic attitude. This is one of the reasons why my father is my idol.

16.He has strong Learning Attitude.

At early stage, the most important things for my father are always about education and personal development. He always tries to continue his learning and expanding his abilities. He is the source of my having a lifelong learning and continuous self-pursuit. He is characterized by his nature in having unquenchable curiosity.

17.  His Humility

In spite of his great achievements; my father will always remain an ordinary man with a great humbleness. I have captured the idea that real greatness goes with humility, respect for others, and the refusal to ascribe one’s achievement to pride. His humility has acted as a constant motivator of my own humility.

18. His Emotional Intelligence

My father skills in understanding, empathy, and passing through emotionally demanding difficulties have assisted me a lot. He has given me the worth of empathy, keen understanding and knowledge of what drive the feelings of our surrounding people. He may be hard and firm while dealing with emotional issues, yet to me he is always kind and empathetic.

19. His Sense of Humour

My father manages to make us laugh even in the most distressing occasion. I have learnt from him, that humor is so necessary in life and we should never be quite too serious about the life. Our family always laugh together at his jokes which makes us a very homely and jovial environment.

20. He is Patient

This trait that my dad very honestly embodies is patience. His patience has never wavered; no matter whether it is teaching about my new skill, helping me out with a hard assignment, or just by the mere listening to me. He has shown me how to be patient, to think and talk, to not make rash judgements, and to accept things as they are.  

21. His Flexibility

A cardinal skill that an individual needs in this era of dynamic change is flexibility. Such a wonderful surprise to see how well my father has adapted to change, learned new abilities, and dose the best he can to endure it. These are the reasons why my father is my idol.

22. His Generosity

My dad is a giving father not just in terms of money, but also, he shared his time, or self generously with me. Kindness from him is a common occurrence, and although it has helped a lot of lives including mine, by listening to somebody, giving a sound advice, or only just being next to them. His actions taught me what it actually means to give and the joy which follows the giver in helping people.

23. His Direction

Being at the head of the family, my father has, demonstrated serious traits of leadership. He has helped me to see what it entails to be responsible, to be an example and take a stand even if the price to be paid is high but it is for the sake of others. A great leadership quality I have learned is to show people how to be more motivated by being supportive and and also appreciating their views.

24. His Environmental Awareness

In this age where the environmental concerns are placed on the front burner, my father has always showed his concern on green solutions and sustainable ways. Through him, I have learned the necessity of being kind to our earth, using the resources carefully, and upholding the beauty of the planet for the future generation. His commitment to lowering his carbon footprint and promoting sustainable living has remained a powerful resource for remembering our pressing need to protect the environment.

25. His Culinary Skills

Though it might seem insignificant, but my father is a great cook.  He really won our hearts instead of merely our stomachs because he was indeed a superb cook, and he was able to mix up ingredients unlike anyone else. The love of my parents for cooking helped me see that doing something you enjoy can give you great joy. It’s capturing those fleeting moments that make one’s heart full, and embracing the wonder in things so simple. This is one of the reasons why my father is my idol

26. His appreciation for our nation’s Culture and arts

My father has always been a source of inspiration to delve into the intricacies of arts and culture.  Through the medium of his love of art, I have explored and seen more than what I could offer, and this made me appreciate the beauty and the diversity that surrounds us, whether this be a visit to a museum, attending a concert, or through any other form of aesthetic expression.

27.HIs Promise to His Family

The heart of the world for my father has been and always will be the family. He has taught me how distinct it is to have a strong family bond, to spread your love without reserve, and to unite yourself with your partner whenever there is a crisis or not. By his determination to stand up together as family at tough time, he always inspired and strengthened me.

29.His Support and Love

Mostly, my father is my hero because of his unfailing support and unselfish love. He has been my compass, my greatest supporter, and my unwavering source of inspiration through all of life's highs and lows. His love has given me the fortitude to go for my goals, go beyond challenges, and improve as a person. I have developed my confidence and self-belief mostly on his help.

My father has been an inspiration and has lived up to the role of being a model father.  He is a role model but also a big motivation to me. Because of his clear-cut principles, knowledge and the fact that he cares for the family so much, I have changed into a different person from yesterday. Life is something which I experience everyday along with the teaching and the example that my father led me to. Consequently, I try to walk on his footsteps with the hope of being someone like him - a genuine hero of my life.