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What Makes You A Great Leader!

What Makes You A Great Leader!

Assistant Editor

16 Apr, 2020

A great leader, the most important skill should be owned by every individual. Being a good leader can ameliorate your productivity, confidence, emotional intelligence, seriousness, and many other things in your professional as well as personal life. In this article, we will assimilate some great qualities to be a great leader.

1. Honesty and Integrity

These are the two utmost supreme qualities to be a leader. When you will be honest with yourself and others then only you will be able to learn. When the leader will be honest with his work, then only his teammates/juniors will follow the same. A great leader sticks to his principles, moral values, and ethics. 

2. Confidence

A leader should have enough confidence to give orders to his teammates and to ensure that the orders are followed by them. Confidence builds trust among the teammates. To gain some respect from your subordinates one should be confident. As being an under-confident person, the orders won’t be followed by the subordinates, and being an overconfident person can destroy all the work. 

3. Inspire others

Yes, a great leader always inspires others and this can only happen when one has set a good example. As a leader, you should always have an optimistic approach, motivated and calm in every situation. These qualities will inspire your subordinates. If your subordinates are inspired by you successfully, then you can easily overcome any current and future challenges.

4. Commitment and Passion

A team will work hard with passion only if his boss is already doing it. A leader should always stick to his commitments. This quality will not only build trust among the team members but also infuse new energy in your teammates. This will help them to achieve their targets. 

5. Good Communicator

Communication is a key role in teamwork. Lack of creation sometimes creates misunderstanding, failure to achieve goals, etc. A leader should always express his vision, goals, strategies, and expectations among the teammates so that they can understand and this will help them to achieve better results. Then only a good communicator can be a good leader.

6. Decision-Making Capabilities

Many people are unable to decide at the right time. A leader should have the ability to take correct decisions at the right time. He should, of course, think long and hard but once the decision is taken then it must be correct.

7. Emotional Intelligence

Many people in the higher authority are fooled by the emotional drama of their subordinates.

A leader should possess emotional intelligence because of managing emotions effectively, better social awareness, seamless communications, and conflict resolution. Emotional intelligence can also influence decision-making skills.

8. Resilience

There are always ups and downs in life. Great leaders should only focus on finding solutions no matter how much the situation is tough. While most people are busy complaining about the circumstances they are facing. 

9. Empathy

To make a closer connection with the subordinates, empathy is necessary. Understanding problems, feeling pain is the first step to being an effective leader. Also finding the solutions to their problems is considered the quality of a good leader.

10. Creativity and Innovation

These are the two qualities, which always make a person different from the crowd. A great leader should have ideas, which are out of the box. Then ideas should be turned into goals and that goal into reality.

By: Suvarna Gupta