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Know When Your Child Is Doing Drugs

Know When Your Child Is Doing Drugs


26 Jul, 2016

Researchers have proven that the number of students who involve in drug abuse has increased rapidly throughout the decade. It is your responsibility, as a parent to keep an eye for fishy activities that your child may be doing. 

Here are 5 ways you can check your child for drug abuse:-

  1. Use your nose: Have random conversations with your child and notice if he is avoiding eye contact, maintaining distance and speaking with a closed mouth. This could mean that your child doesn’t want you smell, what he is been smoking or drinking.
  2. Observe your child: Look carefully at the way your child is interacting with his surroundings that will let you know, if something is fishy or not. Chances are that drug use is impacting the way s/he is controlling his/her body.
  3. Trust your gut: If you think that your child is behaving weird and in the back of your mind you think s/he is up to something wrong, you should trust your instinct and confront him/her regarding the subject.
  4. Be smart: If your child tells you s/he is going outdoors for playing sports and comes back tired without breaking a sweat, s/he probably is into drugs. 
  5. Talk about it: Trust your child and talk about drug abuse and why s/he should stay away from it as soon as possible. Neglecting the drug talk could be catastrophic as this could lead him/her assuming that there is nothing bad in doing drugs.

There are so many other ways in which you could know if your child is into drugs and if your child is indeed into drugs, rather than confronting with aggression, making him/her understand the cons of drugs with love and affection has proven to be more successful strategy to tackle such situation.