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7 Steps to Improve Your Social Skills

06 Aug 2016

If you are one of those who get socially awkward or are hesitant to talk to people, then master these 7 basic practices and you are good to go:

Maintain eye contact
Studies say that, maintaining eye contact with people while interacting can ignite a sense of trust within them. Social psychologist Heidi Grant Halvorson says making eye contact is an effective way to express competence and aptitude.

Practice good posture
You should try and maintain a good posture which conveys confidence and that makes you look approachable. You should avoid standing or sitting in a slacky manner, it portrays that you are uninterested or unapproachable.

Give a firm handshake
A firm handshake plays a vital role in leaving a first good impression. Make sure that your handshake is not too hard, or too soft. It should be balanced & firm.

Smile simply
Smile is a very simple way to express warmth. You unconsciously mirror the body language of the person you are interacting with. So, it is necessary that you convey positive gestures in order to get it back.

Be a good listener
Being a good listener requires hearing, interpreting, evaluating & responding to what the other person is saying. You should pay attention, ask questions, pass well thought judgements and give quality feedback to be a good listener.

Say sorry when needed
Taking accountability of your mistake rather than fighting over it, leaves a positive impression. Sometimes, saying sorry just to end an argument, even when you are not at fault, serves a great deal in shaping people’s perspective of you.

Be true to your word
Don’t be too cold or too warm with anyone in an attempt to create good bonds. Excess of any can be negative for you. Instead, stay true to yourself and say what you actually mean.

Inherit these practices to charm your social network. After all, being a sociable person will boost your confidence and develop the overall personality.

Posted By - Himani