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16 May 2017

Holiday season is a time of celebration for most students. However, often it can even stress you out. Only by staying organized, you can enjoy it to the fullest extent. We at FairGaze, a socio-educational platform for teachers, mentors and students, have come up with some tips to help you be organized during this holiday season.

Make a list of the things you need to do in the holiday season. This should include those things that cannot be skipped. For instance, attending your cousin’s wedding.

Make a list of the things that you want to do. For instance, learning some crafts, taking up a computer crash course, etc. 

Prioritize your needs and wants, and timetable them. If you stick to your schedule, it is likely that you will get everything done without getting weary.

 Plan some breaks. When you are making your timetable for your holiday period, ensure that you leave some blank spaces in between. During these times, you can simply relax or do something that strikes you at that moment. 

If you are travelling or if folks are traveling to your place, come up with a master doc of the travel modes and routes. Place a printout of this on your refrigerator or in a file on your phone- so that it is easily accessible. You can also distribute the master doc to everyone concerned. Make sure that everyone is there on time, along with who is picking who and at what time. 

Add some fun to hard tasks. If you feel keeping up with your daily exercise routine hard, partner up with someone like minded to make the task somewhat jollier.

With that, our list of tips comes to an end. However, we would like to part with these final words….. If you are not be able to accomplish every single task scheduled. It’s simply okay. Just let go of your intense expectations for the season. Just remember to enjoy every moment. We invite you to connect with us at FairGaze during these holidays and beyond. 

Posted By - Angel