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When Disney Became the Teacher

14 Aug 2017

We all have grown up watching Mickey Mouse, Cinderella etc. We have loved them and their lives. There were times when we related ourselves with the characters and wished that the positions could be exchanged. Disney has been present in our lives at every step. From the way we dress up to the way we behave, somehow children adapt to the Disney theme of love and perfection.

Disney has left traces of itself in our daily lives. It taught us to be honest, noble, loving and helped us in developing our morals. Seeing Cinderella suffer because of accepting the fruit from the strange witch, we learnt not to trust strangers and not to accept any of their gifts. Beauty and beast indirectly instilled in students the value of not judging a book by its cover. Even the beast looked hideous and scary on the inside but was a kind and generous man on the inside. Apart from that when children saw the insatiable thirst for knowledge that Belle had, they got inspired to do the same. We all dreamt of having Aladdin’s magic lamp, to fulfill our wishes. Little did we know that the Aladdin also taught us the value of putting in efforts and not leaving everything on magic or god.

Even now when we hear the word Disney, it awakens inside us the childlike glee and makes us happy. Watching shows on Disney transported us into a world of magic, where everything was possible. This somehow made us believe that this also was true for the real world, i.e. if you worked hard enough, nothing was impossible to achieve. Growing up we all realize that life is not like it was portrayed on the Disney, but it never failed in delivering to us the message that- Despair is not the end, you just need to look out for the light at the end of the dark tunnel.  

Posted By - Srishti Anand