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03 Feb 2019

Home Science can be defined as the study required developing family life or a home within a changing society by taking the help of scientific knowledge and methods. The subjects which are involved in making Home Science a wonderful learning tool for better-living are hygiene, rural development, PCB, community living, art, food, clothing, textiles and home management etc.

In recent scenario Home Science is gaining huge popularity among students owing to its wide application in industries like clothing and textiles, food preservation and training and interior decoration etc. Also, more colleges are getting encouragement to start various bachelor’s degree, masters and diploma courses in this field.

Home science is a practically oriented course that empowers and inspires women and youth. There are five specializations namely

•Food and nutrition

•Human development

•Resource management

•Clothing and textile

•Extension and communication

The subject equips the learner for knowledge, skills and abilities in the above fields. Home Science is the art of gaining personal and professional enrichment. It teaches us the ethics in daily and also be a happy consumer.

Objectives of the course

The relevance of Home Science through five specializations

•To learn a wide range of job opportunities available in different fields of home science

•To train the student to plan and consume the balanced diet for self and for family

•To understand the fiber, fabric and its properties, care and application

•To learn the efficient use of resources like energy, time and money

•To understand the pregnancy, growth and development of child and characteristics in adolescence and in the family at different stages

•To learn ethics in daily life

•To know the consumer, problems and consumer rights

•To learn about the environment and ways to minimize the pollution

Learning Outcomes

•Understand the food, nutrition, food preservation and health, safety in food, home and environment

•Learn the basics of fabric, fabric finishes, fiber, yarn, care, stain removal and laundry techniques for different fabrics, printing and dyeing methods

•Learn the management of energy, time and income and other resources 

•Knowing about the pregnancy, developmental features and milestones since infancy, early childhood, late childhood and adolescence

•Convey the message for importance and learn ways to have a healthy relationship within the family members 

•It equips the learner to develop high values and ethics and face the challenges of the real life 

•Get consumer education and know the consumer rights and responsibilities

Home Science Career Prospects

Home Science candidates have an array of fields that they can enter

Production industry:This covers food preservation, specialized cooking, dress-making,textile designing, fashion designing, and dress manufacturing or works in production units of the food industry and hotels. In the Food manufacturing industry, various options are available in food processing units and food preservation departments as quality analysts, quality controllers, food analysts, and quality managers. Major Job profile of home science graduates isin the textile industry as apparel and textile designers.

Tourism and Service Industry: Students can find jobs in hotel and hospitality management services. Also, many job opportunities exist in various hotels, tourist resorts, etc. as catering agents. They can also be employed as dieticians in maternity homes, slimming centers, hospitals, and even boarding schools. Home science graduates are in high demand in the service industry, to look after their housekeeping and food catering departments of tourist resorts, hotels, restaurants, etc. 

Research and Teaching jobs: Major careers are available as research associates, teachers, food scientists, and professors. Students with Master’s degree can opt for teaching positions or research positions. Home science Master’s degree graduates can take up teaching assignments in senior secondary schools and home science colleges.

Sales:Sales promotion jobs of different food products, ready to cook foodstuffs, baby foods and garments are open to Home Science graduates.

Technical: There are numerous professional jobs comprising food scientists, research assistants, food analysts, demonstrators, etc.

Those who have interests in teaching, research, catering jobs, etc. can get a handsome salary. The salary of a Food Technologist in a food services department or industry, etc. is comparatively more. Consultant dieticians can also earn quite well depending on their practice.

Who can learn Home Science?

•8th pass preferably with Arts, Science, English, and Hindi

•Big aspirer to master the skill in cooking, cloth printing, dyeing, food preservation and activities related to housekeeping, child caring, youth and family counseling, assisting the consumer at various levels

•Those who intend to do current household chores in a scientific and better-organized way

•Anybody who have attained a higher degree in other subject but wants to learn to make their family life more healthy and happy

•Anybody who feels some deficiency in their personal development

•Home Science is well equipped to furnish the basic understanding of a person at different life stages 

•It extends the learning to inspire you to look forward the national issues like saving the environment and living a healthy life and how you can make some contribution in this regard

•Those who want to further study the foods and nutrition or any other specialization at a graduate or higher study level

•Those who want to be an entrepreneur or counselor

Thus, Home Science molds you into a responsible person who can handle day to day challenges. It also teaches you your rights and duties as a consumer. In this fast-moving world, lifestyle and environmental factors are diluting personal relationships and children are growing up in an ever-changing environment that affect their psychology. Home Science equips you with the ability to tackle all these problematic life situations.

It works at a basic level by improving your outlook towards others. It inculcates values that help you become responsible towards your family and also towards the society. A degree in Home Science opens up excellent career opportunities.

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By: Aishwarya Sharma

Posted By - Assistant Editor