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Importance of Value Based Education Among Students

01 Mar 2019

In a student’s life the importance of Value education is to be made a necessary concept for a bright future which can be further described as the moral education or character education. It is basically an education where the students learn the value education from teachers/ educators and thereafter implement it practically to lead a better life in future, the basic concept of education is to lead the life of humanity in which humanity is the only religion that has an importance, these things are the part of value education that shines most in your character. Philosopher says that the basic value education tends to start from the home itself which comprises of the nature of parents and the life lessons that parents give and it thereafter continues throughout the lifetime of a person, as the nature and humanity in someone is the shadow of what it has been taught in the students life therefore value education that is given in schools had a major role to play in a man’s life so it should be taught in each and every school to add values to the children for their better future.

Key parts of value education

The common parts that comprises the value-based education for students are as follows:

· Character development- It is basically a method to provide education to students that includes values, emotional maturity, ethics and a basic sense of civics. To many people around, this concept generally sounds simple, self-evident and even straightforward. Whereas, modern education seems to have mostly grown in another direction, the one that entirely focuses on the academics of a student and then to a lesser extent towards the physical development of a student (e.g. physical education, sports). In the present era, the parents and the education system has been vastly recognizing the need of an approach for a new traditional to education that is firmly based on character development, the one that has a prime emphasize on the students character as well as its intellectual development.

· Personality development- it has been always said that our personality is the correct reflection of one’s inner being. So personality development at the very age of a student is must to build a strong character, to put your emphasis it is essential for a student to develop an impressive and outgoing personality that will further enhance the quality of learning and education one carries with itself. There are various lessons on ‘personality development’ part of the syllabus in almost every educational institution now and that shows its importance as to inculcate this concept in our lives. It also envisages the development of confidence and knowing about self. Personality development raises the skills which involves the confidence and leadership skills and the method to represent our self at a platform to be a part of something and considered at a public at large.

· Citizenship education- It enlightens education to be good citizens and for being a good citizen people around should study as well as learn a few key concepts. Firstly, they should primarily understand as to why the citizenship is of great significance in making our democratic system work. Then the other important thing that is needed to be is the goals of the citizenship and the basic significance of meeting these set of goals through the hard work and determination. By considering and thereafter applying these set of goals, citizens at large benefit their communities not only themselves. To run a proper education system, it's an important thing to develop the basic skills, values and knowledge for concerned and active citizenship. Therefore teaching the students about citizenship education comprises civic learning that includes interaction with people, relevance of education, and participation in the public activities and collaboration with others in the classroom. For the purpose to educate this to their students, schools and teachers should focus on the lessons on this subject involving the concept of problem-solving, the basics of leadership, ways of communication, and knowledge of persuasive writing. The basic idea of citizenship education is to instruct students about what a civilized citizenry is and how one can be a part of it, while just instructing about the basic subjects, like math, English, and science.

· Spiritual development- Spirituality is basically the important part of our life but many people see spirituality as separate from life. While the people have made a flaw by branding spirituality by some spiritual guru and others as not part of the daily life. But this concept disconnects the external self of us from the internal. The major problems that exist in the world is just due to the unhealthy attitude and reaction on the things by leaders and common man. It is a most important thing to establish a balance between the internal self and external body that basically means the body and the soul. Our body is an outcome of just a product of the food we eat and air we inhale while the mind comprises of the impressions that we internally collect from the world. Whereas the soul we carry descends from beyond the external part. The body is called the known physical material and the soul is a divine that is to be satisfied and nurtured up with the positivity and values. Existence of self includes of both the known self and the unknown part which is the soul. This understanding is important and without it life will be incomplete. Like one needs both the right and left legs to walk properly, spiritual understanding along with the material knowledge should go altogether.

By: Anuja Arora


Posted By - Assistant Editor