08 Feb 2019

An enthralling experience of knowledge amused the GBNites of grade 8 on Wednesday, 30th of January. With the support of FairGaze, the students got a chance to get an exposure about the important pillar of our democracy that is Media. Children were delivered with an excellent speech by delegates from our largest media of school students, FairGaze. It was an amazing experience full of knowledge and fun.


The students had a remarkable time as there was completely different level of enthusiasm among the students. The speech was delivered such that children could understand it better and with interest. Many new things that we have hardly ever heard, were told to the students. It was an important session as it encouraged the talent of writing and anchoring amidst many children. The children also understood the importance of Journalism and how it is necessary for the society. It also aimed at making us understand what it meant to be a responsible citizen and journalism was definitely a good example. A responsible citizen must know what is happening around him or her. Students were given alternate chances to ask and open up whatever they felt about the session. Also, an activity was held in which many students took part and others had a great time watching them. This session ended with students writing about their views on the board. 


This was probably one of the best sessions which no student will ever forget. I think sessions like these are important for any school to organize for its students as these promote and help students discover the true talent which lies within them. Such sessions will be the starting steps of the ladder of success in any student's life and will exhibit his or her talent. These children are the future of our nation and they can bloom into pleasant flowers when we encourage them through such mediums.


By: Manvi Raturi

Student of Class 8 - C

GBN Senior Secondary School



Posted By - Assistant Editor