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Personality Development: Why Students Need To Work On The Same

 Personality Development:  Why Students Need To Work On The Same

Assistant Editor

29 Mar, 2019

We often hear the term "Personality”. We come across different personalities in our journey of life and depending on their traits, mostly the positive traits they leave an indelible mark on us. Some personalities inspire us, motivate us to strive towards our goals, others inspire us to face adversities of life with grit and determination. It is the set of emotional qualities, the way a person behaves, the energy, friendliness, humor that sets a person apart. The term "personality" stems from the Latin word "persona", which actually referred to the theatrical mask that was worn by performers to either enact different roles or to disguise their identities.

Personality is made up of certain characteristic patterns of thoughts, expressions, feelings that make one person different from another. Personality also arises from within the individual and remains fairly consistent throughout a person's life. Though there are different definitions or opinions regarding personality, however when we focus on the pattern of behaviors and characteristics can help us predict and explain individual behavior. However, study shows that there are variety of factors that influence how the personality of an individual shapes up ranging from some genetic traits, role of environment and life's experiences shape up an individual's personality.

Environmental factors that have a great impact on how the personality of an individual shapes up depend greatly upon parenting and the culture a child grows up in. Different cultures have different parenting styles and it definitely reflects on the personality of the individual growing up in that environment.

The psychosocial development of a child starts well from infancy. This is the time when a child is completely dependent on parents and caregivers for everything, food, love, warmth and security. This is also the time when the child successfully develops trust. In absence of consistent trust, emotion children will grow up with distrust towards adults. A child that successfully develops trust will feel safe and secure in the world. Failure to develop trust will result in fear and feeling that the world is inconsistent and unpredictable which is very detrimental to not just successful career but also personal life as well.

As the child grows up he or she slowly tries to be independent, whether it is in learning to move without assistance or while eating, choice of toys to play with and also clothes. Little children from very early age start making their own decisions. When children complete this stage successfully, with support and encouragement, but within reason and limit, they achieve a great balance of being independent but also being reasonable. As children start school and in the early school years through the new social interactions they began to take pride in the new accomplishments and abilities. Encouragement from teachers and parents develop a feeling of competence, it helps children develop a belief in their abilities and makes them independently and with confidence handle the task set before them.

It is during the adolescent period that children start exploring their independence. This is also the time when amidst surging hormones and conflicts, teenagers develop the sense of “Self” their identity. They build their identity based on all the beliefs, ideals, and values that they have grown up with and those which help shape and guide their behavior.

Why do we so focus on personality development?  A good, sound and bright personality not just makes one affable but it also has a great significance upon the prospects of life. Personality development revolves around those activities that improve individual’s personal talents, the potential, employability Consciousness, and the ability to dream and make those dreams a reality. Personal development is a constant process that enables one to assess their skills and qualities, set their goals and work towards successfully achieving them. Personal development is an investment in improving oneself. It is a process of educating oneself, equipping with new ideas, working on weaknesses, and student life is the best time to set the ball rolling.

Even a few years ago the term “Personality Development” was deemed as some kind of a cosmetic treatment to enhance the outwardly appearance like being well dressed, having a good physique and able to articulate well. However, that is not at all a rational approach to look at personality development. Let us understand the fact that if a person is weak from inside no matter how he/she dresses up, he/she will lose impact as soon as they speak or act. Personality development is not a façade that one can put up. Personality development is working both on the inner and outer personality.

Students can develop their personality by practicing some interesting yet very simple things, like setting a goal for oneself, trying to learn something every single day, knowledge is power, once one has the knowledge within it will automatically boost confidence and when one speaks with confidence and conviction it makes an impact, it will not sound hollow. Apart from these students need to learn to keep themselves well groomed, have a healthy body, adopt good habits, maintain good hygiene as all of these not just makes one internally strong but these qualities shine through. They say first impression is the best impression and this entirely sets one apart.

In this day and age where we are experiencing lot of violence and prejudices, hatred and illness, is because we as a generation have not worked enough on our own personality. This is also one of the reasons why we need constantly to work on developing our personality because only person whom you can really change is yourself. Our desires and thoughts are energies and personality development will help us channelize these energies towards more positive aspects of life. A positive person has a greater influence on people. So which so ever we look at it, whether trying to be successful in career or as a fellow human being “personality development” will help in either case.

We need to enhance not just by means of higher education but also by cultivating good values, love, empathy, humor and integrity because these qualities will last a lifetime, and what best time to start but while still in school.


By: Madhuchanda Saxena