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The Road Not Taken

 The Road Not Taken

Susmita Saha

15 Jul, 2016

Students are no longer cautious of pursuing careers that were unheard of about a decade ago. The question arising, however is, would you be willing to take the risk and try something that is not considered mainstream?

Talking about our professions & passions, the decisions we make are not always headed by our wishes, rather are coated with compromises. Stereotypically, only few are the fields which are trusted to have that sense of security in pursuing them as a career. As a result, India has been busy producing overrated career prospective like ‘Engineers, Lawyers and Doctors’.

The world will get its own Amitabh Bachhan, Marry Com and Sonia Gandhi. Only you would make a next ‘you’. The regression of not following your dreams is even more destructive from the failure. So keeping aside compromises, why not follow the heart for once?

If you find peace in doing something, do it all your life with zeal because life is not what it grants you. Life is what you make out of it.