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After A Storm Comes Calm

After A Storm Comes Calm

Anubha Das

12 Aug, 2016

In every student’s life, there are a lot of problem that they go through with. They face various parental problems, peer pressure, confusions and complications. From beginning, they have been spoon-fed by their kin. So, when the time comes to face the problems and doubts on their own, students tend to become hesitant toward finding their own particular way.

A student’s biggest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to overcome any problem is always to try just one more time. Any problem can be solved by these easy steps:

  1. Seeking information
  2. Generating new knowledge
  3. Making decisions

Students should first seek information about the problem. For example, if a student is facing problems while choosing their major in class 10th, s/he should first collect information about the various streams. The next step will be gathering new and profound information about the problem by taking help from elders or even experts. And after, the student should decide accordingly.

No matter how hard times may get, students should always hold their head up and be strong; because just when the caterpillar thought that the world was over, it became a butterfly.