Art Attack!

27 Jul 2016
Since the inception of time, people are indulged in showcasing their innovativeness through various art forms. These arts forms have been put to criticism at all times and therefore, sometimes we fail to grasp the depths of what a particular piece has to offer to us.
Our capacity to develop & implement new ideas arises from our highly developed human brain, which sees words as images. An art must not be looked at as merely an absent minded way of passing time by people who are meant for greater things in the world.
Art must be taken seriously because believe it or not, it has one of the richest histories in the world. Craftsmanship has slowly grown its branches over the years. A piece of art describes the way a human brain possibly works and it eventually ends up touching every chord of one’s heart.
So, the next time you sit there idle, try making up your mind about your desired choice. You might just turn out to excel in it!

Posted By - Susmita Saha