Ask for What You Want

23 Aug 2016

Once in a while you just got to wake up in the morning andask yourself about what do you truly want and how much effort are you keen toput forth. Though you can’t ask for what you want until and unless you knowwhat you want.  It is sometimes hard to figure out what you need. A solution to it isto take a seat & consider what you want the most.

·       ·       ·       ·       Have spirit to ask for it

Every student should understand that they need to work hardfor what they want because it won’t simply come to us. Ask for it after youmade some efforts to accomplish it. After all, nothing great comes without anyeffort. It takes some courage but is totally worth it.

As it says if you do not go behind what you want in life,you won’t ever achieve it. If you do not ask the answer will always be a no.So, stop saying ‘No’ from others behalf & ask for what you want.


Posted By - Shradha