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Astronomy: Madness to Investigate

Astronomy: Madness to Investigate

Anubha Das

14 Jul, 2016

Have you ever thought whether the universe is endless and limitless? Or ever thought if there are aliens out there?  Yes! 

For everyone, as it says, that astronomy urges the soul to look forward and lead us from this world to another. Astronomy is one of the oldest sciences, the study of celestial objects and processes. Space Science is an observational science rather than an experimental one. The universe of stars shows us how small is a human being’s body as compared to their great mind, since the madness to investigate can lead to an amazing extent. 

Students, nowadays, have developed a profound interest for this field. Astronomy is taught as a special course in the M.Sc. programmes of the Physics Department in the universities and colleges. It is desirable for a student to acquire proficiency in Physics and Mathematics at the school & graduate level. It helps the student to develop a general interest for the field.

Astronomy is basically about a belief that somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known. After all, logic can take a student from A to B; imagination will take him all over.