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Destroy What Destroys You!

Destroy What Destroys You!

Anubha Das

08 Nov, 2016

Confidence is a very precious attribute to have, but when it turns into something as an unhealthy ego then that ends up destroying us. One of the most harmful effects of ego is that it makes us an awful student. It is very difficult to learn new things if we think that we know everything. This type of pomposity may very well hurt our learning & education because we don’t give ourselves the opportunity to enhance ourselves.

To dis-empower the ego we should put others in front of our ego. To be a better person, we must always be willing to put ourselves in the position to learn and adapt to new things. We always get to learn by putting our self in the position of being a student.

The powerful things in our life are those things to which we give power to. From fear to hope,weakness to determination, ego to confidence a person can destroy what destroys him/ her and have a good life ahead.