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Determination: Make the Impossible Possible

Determination: Make the Impossible Possible

Yukti Kapoor

12 Jul, 2016

Not every day, we feel determined towards the completion ofour goals. It requires regular practice to develop the quality ofdetermination. But the good news is it’s never too late!

Determination means to continue consistently, especially insomething that is difficult or tedious. A person who is highly intellectual& intelligent but is a lazybones can’t survive in the long run.

A person with patience, determination and strong will powercan achieve his goal even if s/he does not possess high qualifications ortalent. A determined person has tremendous self-confidence, never losing spirit& courage.

Hence, determination must be practiced from development yearsas it serves the golden key to open every door of success. Also, one should notshatter down upon his/her defeat. Instead, s/he should learn from the pastexperiences & aim for the future.