Dreams- Opening the Gateway to Self-Expression

04 Sep 2017

Are you often left wondering what your dreams mean, and if they could provide guidance in your real life. Yes, our dreams do make some sense. As quoted by Brian Tracy, “You are what you think about most of the time”. It is true, by thinking about something quite often, you let that thought or ambition enter your subconscious state.

When you think of something too deeply, your brain works in a way to find out solutions to achieve the same in reality.

How to work with children and their dreams-

There are numerous advantages of a dream sharing practice with your children. It is a way of showing children the creative potential of their brains. The point is to make them realize that their imagination produces meaningful and useful information. By learning to value their inner self and wisdom from an early age, children can grow up better with their intuition and understand more about the spiritual side of themselves. 

When you start valuing your dreams, you can better validate your creativity and understand the importance of self expression. It helps in keeping your imagination open and free flowing. You develop a certain form of trust in yourself and your own process of perception.

Reading bedtime stories is also a very good way of incubating positive dreams in the mind of your children.

Moving towards the final thought and understanding your subconscious-

Getting your subconscious working towards your goals will bring you closer to success because your subconscious works on solutions 24 hours/day every day.

It will present you with new ideas, insights and plans. Remember that the most important thing is that you act on these ideas and insights. Because no plan ever mattered that wasn’t put into action.

Posted By - Shatrujit Chauhan