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Handle Your Children in Their Teenage

Handle Your Children in Their Teenage


21 Jul, 2016

Being a parent, you have been through 2 AM feedings, toddler tantrums and preschool preparations. Then why does it seem to a problem to handle kids in their teenage? 

It’s probably because the children go through physical, mental and hormonal changes, which leads to mood swings and confusing situations, the kids aren’t prepared for.

Here are 7 ways you can you can handle your child in his/her teenage:-

  1. Know the teen years:  Every child is different in reference to the puberty, there are the early starters, and the late runners, the slow long last, and the quick come and go types. You as a parent need to understand what type is your child and need to act accordingly.
  2. Friction in relationship: You as a parent will start noticing that your child is more rebellious, aggressive and independent than before. This is where you need think on questions like “Am I controlling parent, do I need to listen to my kid more often?”
  3. Understand the concept of teenage: You need to dig deep in the concept of teenage and learn all about it.
  4. Communication: Talk to your kid about it as much and as soon as possible, let him/her share his/her thoughts and feelings and try molding him/her in the right way for holistic development without aggressive scolding. 
  5. Exchange shoes: Try being in your child’s place and understand why he/she is acting the way he/she is.
  6. Choose your battles: Know when to argue, restrict and ground your child. The aim of every teenager is to gain freedom and most fights between you and your child will happen for the same reason. 
  7. Expectations: Have reasonable expectations from your child and let him/her know about it, so that subconsciously they think twice before doing something inappropriate.

Just know that it can go easily, only if you and your child work in a team treat him/her as your friend and see how the relationship flourishes.