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Importance Of Time - Routine Activities In A Student’s Life

Importance Of Time - Routine Activities In A Student’s Life

Assistant Editor

12 Mar, 2019

Time is very precious for each one of us. We all plan our day in our everyday life so that things fall into place. Similarly time very extremely precious in a student’s life. A student’s life is tough and therefore proper balance is required to be maintained. Investing all the time in studies is very great, similarly too much playtime is not a good idea. Students should plan their daily routine wisely. As students and young children, we often do not often realize the importance of time. We realize it when the precious time is lost. In order to be successful in life, it is not important to be a book worm; rather students should be smart, confident and an all-rounder. Just like studies are important, so are the extra- curricular activities in a student’s life. Below are the 10 daily activities that a student must incorporate in his/ her schedule in order to be successful:

1. Wake Up Early: Waking up early is very important. As a student, utilizing the complete day is very crucial. The first and the foremost habit that a student must possess is the habit of waking up on time. The people who are more organized tend to wake up on time, so that they can make more time to do everything that they have to. This allows the student more free time during the day. All it is believed that in the morning, our mind is fresh, resultantly our grasping skills increase.

2.Workouts or Exercise: Exercise holds a lot of importance in our well-being. Waking up early in the morning and moving your body is a must.  Going for a walk, breathing fresh air and indulging into some kind of exercise is very beneficial.

3.Plan Routine: It is very important to plan your routine for the day early in the morning itself. Make sure to include all the important tasks in your routine and execute it accordingly. A well-structured and planned routine not only helps you achieve your targets for the day but also saves you from last minute hassles.

4.Learn something new everything: As a student, it is important to keep learning new things each and every day. Always indulge in debates, discussions that increase your knowledge and aptitude. Read new and informative books, newspapers, magazines and indulge in interactive discussions and interactions with knowledgeable people around you.

5.Clean Up: It is very important to keep oneself in a clean and tidy environment at home and at the workplace also. The students should not forget to clean up their room and other surroundings whenever required. It brings up positivity and keeps your mind, body healthy.

6.Cuddle: Cuddling your friends and loved ones is a great therapy. Share moments of joy with your loved ones and cuddle them often. It relaxes one’s mind and keeps the body healthy and tension free.

7.Use the internet in daily life: Internet is a hub of information and knowledge if used in the right manner. Make its rightful use and keep yourself updated with the latest information with the help of internet. Indeed the use of internet will make one’s life a student extremely easy and simple.

8.Do Your Homework or Assignment on Time: It is important to finish your school assignments and homework well on time. Keeping the homework and assignments may put you in a lot of trouble as a student. Always set aside some time of the day for finishing your homework and donot leave it for the last minute.

9.Prepare overnight: Always keep your things ready for the next day at school. Invest some more time during the night if needed, but donot leave the work pending for the next day. 

10.Eat healthy: It is very important for a student to remain healthy and strong. Students who fall ill very often, have to miss their classes, coaching etc. which leads to loss in studies. In order to take care of this issue, the students and their parents must keep a check on the quality of food that the child intakes. It is important to avoid junk and stale food and intake healthy food in order to stay healthy and perform well during exams.

Alongside, students must make enough time for watching TV, playing games, going out for shopping etc. Making your life too monotonous by studying all day, will not benefit you in a good way. In fact, maintaining a balance is very crucial. You must invest the needful time in work, play etc.

By: Anuja Arora