In The Pursuit Of Good Health & Happiness - Yoga

21 Jun 2018

Yoga is an invaluable gift from ancient Indian tradition that resonates and unites body and mind simultaneously. It rejuvenates the body and boosts up energy, synchronizes  nature and men and at the same time brings flexibility. Moreover, unlike exercises, it can be started and continued at any age irrespective of illness or sickness. In fact, regular practice of specific Yoga asanas results in eliminating chronic diseases from roots as well.

Yoga has been embraced throughout the world since its inception as International Yoga Day proposed by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2015. Yoga Day has now become one of the biggest movements in the pursuit of fitness and good health in an era of pollution and corruption.

To mark the fourthInternational Yoga Day, PM Modi led over 50,000 volunteers in Dehradun todaymorning. While addressing at the Forest Research Institute, he said that  "people across the country are welcomingthe sun today. From Dehradun to Dublin, there's only Yoga."

The origin of Yoga iswrapped with mystery and mythology and according to some historians, Lord Shivais believed to be the Father of ancient Yoga.

In the words of Sadhguru, Yoga is "that which brings you to reality." Mother Earth nurtures' the entire universe so differently and uniquely.

Through Yoga, the individualmanifestations of life that are merely surface bubbles in the process ofcreation are helped to be united. It facilitates self realization of our inner strengthand weakness in our mission of life.


Posted By - Tulika Dey